Saturday, September 19, 2009

Zoom - (zoom)

This was requested several months ago. Sorry I'm just getting to it now.
If you look up "mid-90s midwestern indie rock" in the dictionary, you may well find this album's cover in the accompanying illustration. It doesn't get more midwestern than Lawrence, Kansas, home of the flash-in-the-pan powerhouse Lotuspool label. For about 29 months, Lotuspool completely owned it with releases from local darlings like Panel Donor, Bully Pulipit, and Zoom.
Then Lotuspool disappeared.
I can relate.
If you liked the tight arrangements and quiet-loud dynamics that ruled CMJ "Core" radio playlists in 1991, check this out.

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panzan said...

done. thanks for not being a sneaky prick like some labels that will go unmentioned.