Saturday, January 31, 2009

RIP Myron - Go Steelers

The Most Secret Method - Get Lovely

Where to start?

I suspect that some subscribers to this blog have their own  forgotten favorites, as I do.  Bands who were criminally unknown in their time.  Music so transcendent that I cannot believe I am the first to post it for download in teh blog-o-sphere.

I live in Pittsburgh but I have a few friends in DC.  In my single days that was a no-brainer weekend roadie, with time to spare for post-show Ben's Chili Bowl plus a Saturday afternoon record shopping and billiards spree in Fells Point.  

I first saw The Most Secret Method play in 1999 at the Move Studio in Pittsburgh, a dance studio/indie rock show space in a distressed suburb called Wilkinsburg.   I can't remember for sure who they opened for (I think it was Juno), but I know they made a lasting impression.  I made at least three trips after that to catch them in DC, including their sweltering farewell show at the Black Cat in August 2002.  Every trip would have been a blast regardless, but the Most Secret Method was the reason.

How to describe them?  Take the SG-driven sound of Fugazi, combine it with the post-hardcore pop slant of Jawbox, add the male-female vocal dueling of X, arrange it with the minimalistic economy of the Minutemen, front it with a Broadway-caliber singer, and back it with a fretless bass virtuoso.  If you liked the DC sound of the late 90s but you never head them before, The Most Secret Method are your new favorite band from that scene.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coral - Pillow Talk

I subscribe to several other like-minded blogs - far more prolific than my own, for the most part.  There was a minor Honor Role sensation over the last few weeks when at least two of you posted the Rictus album (see here and here).  One or two follow up comments mentioned singer Bob Schick's next band Coral.  That reminded me that I've never been able to find a digital copy of Coral's first LP Pillow Talk.  

Apparently, I could not find find mp3s of that album because no one ever bought it.  There is a seemingly endless supply of  "sealed, mint condition" Pillow Talk CDs in virtual cut-out bins all across the interwebs.  I am still gainfully employed, thankfully.  Doing my part to end the recession, I sprung for a frivolous luxury and ordered myself a copy ($5 postpaid!).  

So here you have it.  If you like Bob Schick's vocals (not everyone does), read on.  If you liked the indie-blues arrangements of Come, and if you dig Crazy Horse devotees like J. Mascis, Silkworm and Karl Hendricks, this is very much in the same vein.  If you slept on this record 15 years ago, here is your shot at redemption.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gear Jammer - Horsepower 2000 7"

Here's a response to a recent post by our like-minded friends at [shiny grey monotone]

This was Hazelmeyer's short-lived post-Halo of Flies band.  They only released two 7" records as far as I know.  Check out the other one here.