Monday, August 1, 2011

(Re-up) Haberdasher - Songs on Love Nos. 48602-48608

1997. Slint is gone and they are never (uh, well, probably) coming back. Indie rock musicians, human like any other artist, cannot help but to be influenced by their own contemporaries and idols. Plenty of bands borrowed the syncopated rhythms, tension-release dynamics, and minimal vocal signatures of Spiderland for their own creations. Some became arguably better known in their own time, e.g. Engine Kid, June of 44, A Minor Forest. Others rarely made a splash beyond their own three-day weekend tour radius. (See also: Shale).

I never even heard of Haberdasher until a friend gave me this LP as a gift, i.e. he didn't like it and the used record store around the corner wouldn't take it. His loss was my gain - I got more than my money's worth, anyway.

If you recognize the other bands already namedropped here, you can probably hum a few bars and come pretty close to the sound of this record. Nowadays, Haberdasher are probably best known as the previous band for one of the dudes in Oxes.