Monday, December 29, 2008

Records I liked in 2008

well, it has been another busy month with no posts.  i actually have been planning this post for several weeks, but i wanted to check it twice before finally putting it out there.  no discussion, just a list of the records i liked in 2008. most links provide either artist-sanctioned downloads of individual tracks (whenever i could find one), streams of full albums (mostly at, or streaming tracks as a last resort... with a couple exceptions*.  

i hope everyone else is also still finding new music they enjoy.

top eleven:

the black crowes - warpaint (stream warpaint)
the gutter twins - saturnalia (download "idle hands")
melvins - nude with boots (stream nude with boots)
modey lemon - season of sweets (download "milk moustache")
no age - nouns (download "eraser")
oxford collapse - bits (download "the birthday wars")
parts & labor - receivers (download "nowhere's nigh")
prisonshake - dirty moons (download "crush me")
scorch trio - brolt! (stream three tracks here)
times new viking - rip it off (download "my head/r.i.p. allegory")
the wedding present - el ray (download "the thing i like best about him is his girlfriend")

second top eleven:

cheap time - cheap time (stream tracks here)
dead meadow - old growth (download "i'm gone" and "what needs must be")
don caballero - punkgasm (stream punkgasm)
endless boogie - focus level (download "the manly vibe")
magic lanterns - high beams (download "deathheads hawkmoth")
nissenenmondai - neji/tori (stream "pop group")
the shaky hands - lunglight (stream lunglight)
suffocate for fuck sake - blazing fires and helicopters on the frontpage of the newspaper. there´s a war going on and i´m marching in heavy boots (stream blazing fires...)
vandermark 5 - beat reader (stream 'further from the truth (for walker evans)" here)
wale - the mixtape about nothing (*download here, because it was meant to be given away in the first place)
witch hats - cellulite soul (stream cellulite soul)

honorable mention:

atlas sound - let the blind lead those who can see but not feel (download "river card")
blood on the wall - liferz (download "hibernation")
bonnie "prince" billy - lie down in the light (stream lie down in the light)
david holmes - the holy pictures (stream the holy pictures)
the dirtbombs - we have you surrounded (stream "ever lovin' man" here)
home blitz - weird wings (ok, technically weird wings is a portion of home blitz' self-titled full length which was released in 2007.  sue me.  stream tracks 11-15 here)
koushik - out my window (download "lying in the sun")
ted leo/pharmacists - rapid response (*buy here, support worthy causes like this and this)
stephen malkmus - real emotional trash (download "cold sun" and "baltimore")
mudhoney - the lucky ones (download "i'm now")
portishead - third (stream third)
the roots - rising down (stream rising down)
subtle - exitingARM (stream exitingARM)
ten kens - ten kens (stream ten kens)
torche - meanderthal (stream "healer" here)
why? - alopecia (stream alopecia)