Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Timber - Parts and Labor (re-up)

This one is for Michael dustdevil who requested the re-up about a hundred years ago...

Original post here

computer games play themselves (again)


panzan said...

I tried to post the album art again but bloggerspot is apparently having a hiccup right now. oh well. it's not pretty, but it's here!

Tongue said...

thanks Panzan... small problem being, i keep getting this:

"The file is not fully saved at RapidShare yet. This file is possibly still being uploaded."

panzan said...

OK, try clicking the link above yet again. Should work now.

Tongue said...

thank you kindly sir... don't know if you've seen this:


David Rat from Rat-At-Rat-R turned me on to it... a very nice read...


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